BB FlashBack Pro 5 54 0 4702 Portable

BB FlashBack Pro 5 54 0 4702 Portable


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License: Full_version
Languages: English
Author: FlashBack
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A Review of BB Flashback Pro on Windows
BB Flashback is a Windows based video screen recorder, also available by Blueberry Software Ltd. It allows the user to insert text according to preferences, edit and add picture effects. The software has advanced text editing features and allows you to make simple drawings or just simple videos. The best feature of this product is its simplicity; it can record audio and video, save to disc or store on your hard drive, have an on-screen help guide, and save to disc. If you are not sure what to do, you can just record whatever comes to your mind and just delete those that you don’t need.
One drawback of this screen recording software is that it runs only in Windows environment, so, if you are using another operating system, then you will be unable to use this product. If you are using other programs like Mac OS or Linux, then this product will not work for you because these other operating systems do not support the screen capturing feature of the software. Although, this product has a Windows interface, you must be sure to update the drivers of your computer in order to work with Windows interface. Otherwise, you will not be able to use the screen recorder application. Some users also found this software difficult to use.
To avoid this problem, there is an optional offer from Blueberry software to upgrade to Windows 98, which is compatible with older Windows operating systems. You can easily search for this offer in the website of Blueberry Software Limited. In addition, after purchasing BB Flashback Pro, if you purchase the Windows version of the product, you will get an additional 15 days free trial version of the product, which can be used for one year, absolutely free.

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