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Creative music production
Steinberg Media Technologies has created Cubase, a music production software. Try all features free for 30 days on your 64-bit Windows 10 PC before deciding to purchase a license for Pro, Artist, or Elements. 
The Cubase music production software offers quality sound and various tools to create, produce, and mix music like a pro. The software allows both beginner and professional artists to create music while streamlining their workflows to meet faster deadlines. Looking for something simpler? Try MAGIX Music Maker instead.

Cubase features
The general features of Cubase are a leading-edge audio engine, a media bay to find and organise content, advanced audio export, and ARA (audio random access) export. Colourise your mixer channels for intuitive use and speed up editing by combining tools for objects and ranges. Create one or many workflows by organising the window and dialogues you often use. 
You can use the extensive features to compose, record, sequence, and mix music. It offers audio editing, virtual instruments, and effects. Use sounds, loops, and presets, and collaborate with other artists. 
Cubase uses the UR, UR-C, UR-RT, and AXR  series of audio interfaces for outstanding audio quality. With these interfaces, you are ready to record quickly from anywhere, perform onstage, or be a media reporter. Use it to capture sounds, create ASMR content, record podcasts, video, or stream your content live. 
Features that stand out are channel stripping (basic and advanced), chord pads, and comping. Use the quantise panel to warp-quantise various audio tracks or create sample tracks from different audio pieces. The mixing console has a full-screen mode, and the developer has optimised it for use without a mouse. It also offers screen reader software for the visually impaired. 

How to use Cubase
With so many features, this software has a steep learning curve for beginners. Learn Cubase by watching in-depth videos from ‘Getting Started’ for beginners to exploring advanced techniques for professionals. Join Cubase forum groups to connect with other artists, learn from them, and educate others. Or you can contact Cubase on social media accounts like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and SoundCloud. 

Unleash your creativity through Cubase
For beginners and professionals alike, Cubase will help you with your creative music production. It offers extensive features and generates great quality audio. Use it from anywhere to create, record, and stream and enjoy the fullscreen mixing console. 

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