Emurasoft EmEditor Professional 21 5 1 Multilingual

Emurasoft EmEditor Professional 21 5 1 Multilingual


Size: 429.59 KB


License: Full_version
Languages: Multilingual
Author: Emurasoft, Inc.
Author URL: http://www.emeditor.com


Extensible commercial text editor
EmEditor Professional is a commercial text editor developed by Emurasoft, Inc. The program allows you to process and edit large plain text files. It can also edit comma-delimited, tab-delimited, and user-defined delimiter data. Its editing capabilities allow you to split the data with commas, tabs, vertical lines, etc. This function will be useful for programmers and coders who need to divide text data into rows and columns whilst simultaneously segmenting each item into a cell. You can also opt to keep delimiters hidden and view the data per cell. EmEditor hosts other functions that will help those of all user-levels view, access, and re-write plain text.

EmEditor offers three editing modes: general, special and cell selection. The general mode can edit common text data, while special mode handles CSV, TSV and DSV data. Cell selection mode locks in delimiters. This mode is important in preventing your data structure from being deleted or corrupted. Once you begin editing cells, you will see the contents encased in quotation marks This is to indicate a single isolated value. You will also see that each line feed code is displayed on a new line, allowing you to edit the codes in parts. 
You can also reverse-engineer your code on the editor. If you want to edit table data from a web page, you can simply copy and paste it on EmEditor. Data sourced from Firefox and Google Chrome will spread TSV data on a spreadsheet for you. Should the content include more than one line of code in a single cell, an error message will be displayed on the screen. This can be resolved by adding a tab at the beginning of the row and adjusting the number of columns. 
To polish your code more efficiently, you can use its slew of features such as compare mode, synchronized scrolling, smarter spell checking, and vertical selection editing. It is able to handle thousands of lines of code without using up your device’s internal hard drive. For example, it uses up 50MB of memory per 7 GB worth of code. 

Well-built plain text editor 
EmEditor Professional is generally used for writing manuscripts and source codes. It also functions as an editor for comma-separated values such as biodata and log numbers. This multi-faceted software optimizes your PC’s memory, allowing you to create and revise text files with ease.

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