FanControl v102

FanControl v102


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License: Freeware
Languages: English
Author: Rem0o
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Free Windows fan management program
FanControl is a free fan management app that lets you monitor and optimize your hardware settings, much like SpeedFan and HWMonitor. You can save and edit several profiles, depending on which task you are trying to complete. You’ll also find different graphs representing fan curves to help you understand the performance of your CPU and GPU better.
There are fan responses you can fine-tune, such as start, stop, steps, and hysteresis. When you need to operate other programs, it works quietly in the background without interrupting you. You can access it again by clicking on the taskbar tray icon.

Monitor and control
One of the biggest concerns of PC users is the overheating of the computers while gaming, mining, or working on high-performance programs. FanControl gives you the power to monitor and control each of the fans and can view all of them while making subtle changes to the ones you want.

Fan curve viewer and editor
Each panel in the interface represents a fan, showing you the location of each and its performance. There are also fan curve graphs, where you can compare response times, temperatures, and hysteresis. It lets you view and edit graph points to fine-tune the parameters.

Multiple profiles
When you’re working on different settings to find the best performance for various tasks, it helps to set multiple profiles on FanControl. You can view graphs for each one, knowing which settings to use when you activate specific programs or games. It means you can let your fans slow down and rest when you’re not doing much on your PC.

Different themes
You don’t need to sit with the same interface appearance every day if you’re bored of it or tired of looking at the same colors. You can set primary and secondary tones, splashing the user interface with vivid hues to refresh the screen.¬†

Control your fan performance
FanControl is an open-source program that’s easy to control the fan speed on your computer. While the interface looks basic, there are many advanced tools you can use if you understand PC specifications and hysteresis. If not, the app makes it easy to learn.

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