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FastCopy 4 1 1


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License: Freeware
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Free copying software
FastCopy is a fast free program for copying, deleting and syncing data on Windows. With this program, you can be assured of 100% data integrity when you copy and delete files. This software supports long Unicode path names,and optimises the copying operation on one device or between devices of different types according to your needs.
While there are many alternatives to FastCopy, like Bacula and Robocopy, none are quite like TeraCopy. TeraCopy has a smoother and more user-friendly interface, but FastCopy is really fast and boasts superior data package handling abilities. 

No more poor performance
The writing and reading of data are multi-threaded in DiffHDD mode. A smaller read buffer is used for HDD mode, so write operations won’t slow down disk thrashing. FastCopy doesn’t use the OS’s cache, so other applications and processes can run quickly, and speed approaches the limit of your chosen storage device. FastCopy uses the Win32 API rather than MFC, making it faster than the alternatives.

Customise your file operations
With FastCopy, you can modify large file operations with Include and Exclude filters. FastCopy also includes a built-in job manager to streamline operations. To avoid disk thrashing and to achieve the highest possible speed, FastCopy runs only one operation at a time. 
Licensed under BSD, FastCopy is an open-source application. With the proper programming knowledge, you can easily modify this software to suit your individual needs. 

Feature loaded
FastCopy has many valuable features, like the ability to save recurring tasks and access them via CLI switches, smart queuing when starting multiple jobs affecting one disk and skipping older files already present. Synchronise, verify and backup and restore your files with this powerful software. FastCopy also lets you compare files and check errors with any operations performed, giving you more extensive control over all copying processes. 
While it would be better if FastCopy was more integrated into the shell, scriptability and the free, open-source nature of this software makes it a great choice in copy solutions. All in all, FastCopy is a fast, simple heavy-duty copier. 

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