LicenseCrawler 2 5 2604 Multilingual

LicenseCrawler 2 5 2604 Multilingual


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Languages: Multilingual
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A Brief Overview of LicenseCrawler
LicenseCrawler is a very effective little utility that basically scans the Internet for available software license keys in case you have lost or misplaced your original or even the latest one and finding such codes isn’t always easy. This utility helps you to look for a valid license and registration keys for not just popular operating systems such as Windows, but even some other applications such as… Lets say that you are running Microsoft Word (all versions) and you want to upgrade to a later version such as Word 2007 (comes with Windows). Well if you don’t know how to go about this, you can’t just download the newest version from Microsoft and install it in your PC without losing your passwords or software keys and causing severe problems to your system. This utility makes the whole process simple for you by letting you quickly look up all the available keys that are related to your version of Windows.
One good thing about LicenseCrawler that it is able to find and match multiple licenses per computer system. So, if you want to update to the newest version of Windows and have a Windows 7 computer LicenseCrawler can easily pulled out all the matching licenses for that particular operating system and let you know which one needs to be updated. Another important thing to mention is that even if your computer does not have the exact matching Windows license, LicenseCrawler will still tell you that there is one matching for your application. All you need to do is choose the appropriate option from the menu and pick out the license that matches with the application that you want. It really is quite easy and fast to use.
If you’re using a computer that comes with Windows installed and you are looking for missing license keys, this tool can definitely help you out. Just plug in one end of a Windows serial number into the supplied serial number search box and click the search button. If you have more than one device with Windows installed on your system, you may also use more than one type of Windows serial number. Simply choose the appropriate option from the menu and choose which one you need to search and get the corresponding licenses for that particular item.

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