ProfiCAD 11 4 1

ProfiCAD 11 4 1


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Languages: Multilingual
Author: ProfiCAD
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All About ProfiCAD
ProfiCAD is a high-performance, open source CAD drawing and design tool for Windows that offers a comprehensive alternative to Autodesk Maya. ProfiCAD is designed to work seamlessly with Windows, Linux and Mac. It combines traditional vector illustrations with advanced drawing and painting software features. It’s ideal for artists and designers who want to create accurate, high-resolution images.
ProfiCAD v2.5 "Zebra": This version of ProfiCAD has all the same functions and features as the original. It still incorporates the popular AutoCAD technology with an interface that is highly functional and intuitive. Features include AutoCAD compatible toolbar, built-in Zebra scanning capability, matrix printing and support for most third party complementary tools. With ProfiCAD v2.5 you can easily import GPB files, ODF files and PICT files. You can also import GPBS, OEB, PDF and other compatible formats. A "Zebra" icon in the system tray or menu will allow you to switch between text, diagrams, raster graphics and vectors.
ProfiCAD also offers advanced options for exporting drawings created with ProfiCAD. You can save your work in various formats, such as PDF, TIFF, JPEG and others. The interface enables you to select the desired format and when you are done with the export you can either preview the exported document or you can immediately save it to disk in the format of your choice.

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