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Learn How To Get The Most Out Of SketchUp Pro
SketchUp is an easy to use program for creating and modifying sketches and designs. It is a popular tool for both home and professional designers. SketchUp uses drag and drop functionality to create virtual prototypes for manufacturing, construction, transportation, medicine, electronics, aerospace, toys, hobbies, and more. SketchUp Pro is a versatile but expensive Windows program that allows one to fully manipulate and control their projects with ease.
To use SketchUp Pro, you need to purchase either a one-time license or a membership that requires a monthly charge to continue. SketchUp Pro comes included as a download; it is not a stand-alone program. To install SketchUp Pro, you have two options: the standard single-stage installation process where you just select" Install File" and follow the simple instructions; or the complex multi-stage installation process where you have to choose a license number, select a SketchUp theme from a catalog, enter a name for your new SketchUp user, choose your location (NAV), click "next" to define your company’s file, then click "finish". Once your license has been issued and your user has been added to your computer, you are ready to start designing! If you are unfamiliar with SketchUp Pro, here is the process from start to finish:
SketchUp Pro is the fastest, easiest, and most popular SketchUp CAD program for the Windows platform. With over 250 million downloads to date, SketchUp Pro continues to expand the possibilities of design and layout management. SketchUp Pro allows one to create custom designed prototypes, wireframe, visualize changes in real time, and edit and save any type of file – all from a comfortable and familiar user interface. SketchUp Pro is ideal for designers who need access to a variety of drawing resources but do not necessarily need the full power of Photoshop or Illustrator. The best thing about SketchUp Pro is that it is available for FREE, so you do not pay large sums of money for any software licensing in this day and age.

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