ThisIsWin11 v1 1 160

ThisIsWin11 v1 1 160


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License: Freeware
Languages: English
Author: Builtbybel
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Free overview for Windows 11
Builtbybel developed ThisIsWin, a free utility that you can download for Windows 10. You’ll need an active internet connection to obtain it.
Use the utility to get to know Windows 11 and learn its basic settings. It’s considered a practical, complete app, similar to Microsoft Power Toys. It focuses on fifteen areas and provides a short tour of Windows 11. You can see the options in tree-view and then use the tool to apply the same settings to various PCs. Make sure to check your PC’s compatibility with WinPass11 before you download Windows 11.

Software features
Some of the most valuable features in ThisIsWin11 are:

  • A dark theme for apps and windows
  • Snap Assist
  • Aligning the taskbar to the left and hiding the search icon
  • Showing or hiding files and folders in File Explorer
  • Removing the XPS document writer and removing Microsoft Teams when booting up

This software lets you disable various features such as Game DVR, diagnostic data and compatibility telemetry. It’s also helpful that you can disable the Advertising ID and suggested content. Also, disable unnecessary app notifications and access to the microphone and calls.
A big advantage of this software is that it lets you remove pre-installed apps, so you can re-install them again at any time. 

How to use the software
The software is straightforward to use. When it opens, select the System tab on the left menu. Use the boxes next to each option to enable or disable functions. Then, click Fix Issues and ThisIsWin will apply the changes to your system. 
Select Apps if you want to remove pre-installed apps. It gives you the option to add apps individually or add all the apps to the recycle bin. If you need to restore, select Restore All or Restore Selected.
To help you install standard software, add them from the Packages menu. Tick the boxes to select the apps, then click Create Installed. Now, you can click on Run Installer, and ThisIsWin will install the necessary software. You can also use the Export to Powershell option to export the app package for use on other computers.

Guide and settings
IT administrators can use ThisIsWin to prepare for smooth installation and setup of Windows 11 for many users. A great advantage is that it can automate many of the processes, and it makes it easy to ensure that all the critical apps and settings are in place.

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