Tidabie Tidal Music Converter 1 5 0 Multilingual

Tidabie Tidal Music Converter 1 5 0 Multilingual


Size: 429.59 KB


License: Full_version
Languages: English
Author: Tidabie Inc.
Author URL: http://tidal.com/


TIDAL Music AS (Free 30-day trial)
Tidal Desktop is a premium and Hi-Fidelity music streaming service for Windows. It’s available in 52 countries, offering 58 million songs, and over 240,000 high-quality videos. It’s the first service with High Fidelity sound quality.

Changing music market
The music industry is changing. People are shifting away from purchasing and collecting CDs and vinyl. The days of an audiophile’s massive album and CD collections are numbered.
Greater artistic control means artists can share exclusive content and experiences with their fans, unencumbered by industry constraints. Artists appreciate the creative expression and fans enjoy the unique experience they can’t get anywhere else.

Two membership plans
Tidal offers two monthly plans. The $9.99 premium plan gives you unlimited music which you can play across smartphones, computers, and tablets. You can also create playlists, download music for offline listening, and access exclusive TIDAL X events.
The $19.99 HiFi plan gives you the benefits of the premium plan, plus lossless, Hi-Fidelity sound. It’s CD and MQA quality at 1411 kbps, which is far superior to 320 kbps for standard streaming. You’ll enjoy every instrument and be able to hear every note in flawless quality, and both plans are ad-free.

Tidal’s unique value
As a majority artist-owned company, Tidal is on a mission to bring fans and artists closer together. With two tiers of service and availability in 52 countries, it’s uniquely positioned to create more value for fans and forge a closer connection between artists and their followers.

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