Toucan v3 1 8 2

Toucan v3 1 8 2


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License: Freeware
Languages: Multilingual
Author: Steve Lamerton
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Toucan Is a Computer Backup Utility
Toucan is a very useful tool for consolidating, backing up and sharing your data with various options far more advanced than the built in solution utilities. Toucan is available as a free software download or, more conveniently, as a part of a larger suite of utilities called Toucan Plus. It’s divided up into seven tabs, which helps you quickly locate the specific application you need. This means that the moment you need to back up information, for example, you can do it all in a few clicks, rather than having to sift through different Windows files.
Toucan Plus (Toucan Plus) is an enhanced version of Toucan Pro which allows you to back up, archive and perform encryption with relative ease. One of the great things about Toucan Plus is the automatic encryption of attachments to help you retain the privacy of your files. In previous versions of Toucan Pro, you had to manually encrypt each file individually, and this added an extra step to the backup process. With Toucan Plus, you can automatically encrypt an entire folder at once, thus making it that much easier to restore the data. This makes it both safer and more effective at backing up information.
The Toucan application allows for an automatic, secondary copy to be performed whenever you create a backup or restore the information. This means that regardless of whether you are performing the backup or restoring the information, Toucan will ensure that the data is kept safe and will never be vulnerable to human error. This comes in very handy for businesses who do a lot of work on the go and do not want their clients’ files exposed to computer viruses or other malicious software. By using Toucan backup, you will be able to easily keep your business and your clients’ files safe and sound.

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