UltraCopier 2 2 5 0 Multilingual

UltraCopier 2 2 5 0 Multilingual


Size: 429.59 KB


License: Freeware
Languages: Multilingual
Author: Ultracopier
Author URL: http://ultracopier.first-world.info


Best File Copy Software
Ultracopier is a Free Open Source software, which means that you can have the best Ultracopier for your organisation needs. Ultracopier was created by J.M. Rouder (a.k.a. ""mink" " Rouder) in 1990, based on the technology of parallel typing, which was originally developed in military intelligence.
Ultracopier has a simple, yet powerful user interface, which is great for small office organisations. Ultracopier was developed to perform the tasks of both a file copy software and a graphics editor. The advantage of Ultracopier over similar products is that it supports all the popular file formats such as PDF, JPEG and PNG, as well as many other formats. Ultracopier also allows users to specify a maximum compression level on all the data copied, so that you won’t get any loss of quality when transferring large files.
Ultracopier works well with any version of Windows. Apart from this, ultracopier works well with all flavours of Linux, including Fedora. I am personally using Ultracopier version 5.2, which is a relatively recent release, and has been working extremely well for me. To download the latest version of this brilliant file copy utility, visit the link below. a lot more reliable than the others I’ve used (Symbolic copying, ImgPro and FileZilla).

Download from FileJoker
Download from FileFox

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