USB Image Tool 1 82

USB Image Tool 1 82


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How to Backup Your USB Devices – Fast USB Recovery
USB Image Tool is a simple and free software which enables you to quickly create backups of your USB devices and then restore them on any computer, using any operating system. It uses the MIM and IMA file formats and enables you to make and store multiple profiles, manage them, copy one or more backups as well as execute them on your PC. This software comes with various advanced features such as password protection, encryption, and incremental or differential backup. The software can be used to create a backup and copy it to a USB drive, USB pen drive or to your hard drive. The software also allows to restore the image to your USB device from any other USB storage media and from any computer.
The main features of this tool are its ability to compress Zip files and Zip archives, create a backup for your USB Flash drives, copy images from your USB flash drives or from other USB storage media and read and write files from the USB drive. To make backups, you need only to plug in the USB device that you want to backup and run the software. By using this software you can backup your data in a zip format, IMA, Img, FIFO, FAT32 or appendable format. In order to access your data in the future, all you need is to unplug the device and plug in the device into another USB port.
Using this software, it is not necessary to reformat the device that you want to backup, as it makes a backup from the form of an image file. If you do not have a usb image tool, you can follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer of your USB drive. This software requires that you have USB drivers installed on your computer so that it can make use of the device. If this software does not come with your drivers, you will need to download these drivers, install the software on your computer and then it can work properly.

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